Chamber provides input to city council, planning commission on policies affecting economic development.

By Cheri Brown

Cheri Brown

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce believes a strong economy is one that benefits all. The Chamber serves as a catalyst for economic development by providing support, resources, and advocacy for businesses and our community. Rick Kent, co-chair of the Chamber’s Economic Development and Government Relations Committee said, “on behalf of our members, the Chamber’s efforts help to create a conducive environment for business growth, job creation, social mobility and equity, and economic prosperity.”

The Chamber’s efforts support the goals of our business community by:

  • helping to develop a business climate to operate in and succeed with sustainable profit margins
  • advocating for our members on issues that affect the business community, and the local economy
  • promoting job growth
  • supporting an appropriate level of taxation
  • building a strong community

Some of these efforts overlap with economic development and fiscal goals of the city of Morgan Hill, and at times they do not. In either case, the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce provides input to the city council and the planning commission on policies that affect economic development.

“The input from the Chamber is important to the planning commission because it reflects the view of the business community on zoning and policy changes the commission recommends to the city council,” said Joe Mueller, member of the city’s planning commission.

Hiral Khatri, founder of OT Park, shared her experience: “The Chamber of commerce played a pivotal role in supporting OT Park during a challenging period when the business was on the brink of closure just after two months of opening. In a time of uncertainty, Nick Gaich, the president of the Chamber, demonstrated remarkable commitment and leadership.

When approached by the struggling OT Park team, Nick promptly visited the OT Park . . . several times. His immediate response reflected not only his dedication but also the Chamber’s proactive stance in fostering economic development. Nick and the Chamber became early believers in the vision of OT Park to contribute to the economic growth of Morgan Hill through the establishment of a state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy clinic. Their support extended beyond moral encouragement as they actively advocated on behalf of OT Park.

To get more involved, businesses as well as any community member can join the Chamber. For more information, go to The Chamber welcomes the community to participate in its Good Morning Morgan Hill Chamber Breakfast the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m. Go the community calendar posted at for details. To learn more about the Chambers Economic Development Committee contact Nick Gaich, at [email protected].

Residents can also get involved by buying locally. “A share of your taxes supports our community. When you buy a product locally, a small share of the tax comes back to Morgan Hill to support things like our police and fire departments, the roads we drive on and the parks we enjoy, among many other things that keep Morgan Hill running,” said Larry Carr, co-chair of the Economic Development and Government Relations Committee Larry Carr. Our next column will continue to focus on economic development and the Morgan Hill economy.

Cheri Brown is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Reach her at [email protected].