Published in the February 1 – 14, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Diana Wood

Diana Wood

When you focus your time and energy with an intentionality to conquer a task or goal, you often use words and phrases such as: discipline, purpose, today I will, my strategy is, my next steps are X,Y,Z. Actions and plans for those actions are overflowing in abundance in our thoughts and talk. This is what I absolutely love about 9Round 30-Min Kickboxing Fitness in Morgan Hill. From the moment you walk into this unique gym run by Wes “The Ultimate Warrior” Terrell, your every single action exudes purposeful intentionality.

In 2016, I decided to release 30 pounds of body weight … and 9Round helped me get to this goal. You might be wondering now what I mean by “release.” Allow me to explain by first asking you a question: What do you do when you lose your keys? You look for them, right? Not only do you search for your keys, you look for them until you find them. My goal was not to lose 30 pounds, only not to “find” them again. I have absolutely zero intention of ever finding the 30 pounds again.

Disciplining your behavior whether in release of weight, improving the health of your body, or improving your health of mind — all require purposeful action-filled intentionality. My experience over the years is that the No. 1 issue that holds people captive is that there are a great majority of people who set out with good intentions rather than purposeful acts of intentionality.

If I had held the mindset of only intending to lose weight, my actions would be limited and behaviors suspended, much like the imprisoned fruit paralyzed in my grandma’s Jell-O. My words and phrases would be: hopefully I will, I wish I could, someday I hope to . . . lose weight, get the next job promotion, run my first 5K… you get the picture. The Jell-O world of intention masks the task as a mere fantasy. Occasional effort buries one’s desired end result in the land of passivity. This was me prior to 2016. I was suspended in the Jell-O of good intentions. For 13 years I had good intentions to lose 30 pounds — and my good intentions got me absolutely nowhere.


Then in October last year, my daughter Serena and I joined 9Round. The 30-minute workout kicks your keister into shape. The 9Round model consists of nine stations, each requiring three minutes of continuous action of intentionality followed by a 30-second active transition to the next station. Stations 1 and 2 focus on strength. Stations 3 through 8 focus on kickboxing fitness. Station 9 rounds off the intensity with a focus on your abdominal core. I love the fact that at anytime during my workout I can look up and see a group of members diverse in age, gender and fitness level. We’re all focused on purpose and living out our actions of intentionality.

My absolute favorite part of the 9Round experience is the “ringing of the bell.” The bell I am referring to is not the Navy SEALs bell of surrender. It is the 9Round bell of accomplishment where you proudly ring-out your daily workout experience. One ring signifies a good workout. Two rings signifies a great workout. Three rings signifies a killer workout. Serena’s and my goal is to intentionally experience every 9Round session as a “killer workout.”

Transform your life by moving from a life of good intentions to a life filled with acts of intentionality. Consider stopping by 9Round and discovering its fitness benefits. (The first workout is free.) Tell Wes Diana sent you.

Morgan Hill resident Diana Wood is the president and CEO of Wood Motivation, a certified independent John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and trainer. She can be reached at


9Round 30-Min Kickboxing Fitness, 1295 E. Dunne Ave., Suite 160. Call (408) 763-4701.