Published in the February 15 – 28, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Brittney Sherman

Brittney Sherman

My name is Brittney Sherman, and I am the new member and community engagement director for the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Although I have been in this position for only a few short weeks, I have hit the ground running.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Western Association of Chamber Executives’ Annual Conference. Chambers there shared valuable insight and knowledge into the current and future trends of the chamber industry. It just so happens that our chamber is a front runner on many topics including Education Programs, Regional Collaboration and Community/Business Advocacy.

Chamber Executives identified a widespread shift occurring in chambers throughout the country, moving from an events and revenue driven model, to a relationship building and business advocacy organization. Many area chambers are already in the midst of making these changes, as can be seen with the restructuring of the San Jose and Santa Clara organizations. In an effort to continue our evolution toward this new model, we will be conducting visits with all existing Chamber members to introduce and familiarize ourselves with the businesses and representatives.

During these visits, I will be honing in on the one word that dominated most of those two-day seminars: “Customization.” This idea is centered around the notion that not all value offerings are equally important to each member. Customizing the chamber value package around each Individual’s personal/business needs, is key in yielding the highest return from your membership investment.

“Millennials” are being perceived as the next new wave in consumers, resulting in a shift from standard printed marketing materials to online social media outreach. Alongside her day-to-day responsibilities, Director of Publishing Mellea McLaughlin is working tirelessly to construct a new and improved website, monthly newsletter, and increased social media presence. Be prepared to become well-informed as a result of the increased levels of communication and coverage throughout the Morgan Hill professional and personal community.

To further shed light on our role as business and community advocates, Chamber CEO John Horner and I will be composing an annual report. Within this document, you will find details of the business and community advocacy that the chamber displayed in 2016, as well as the focus and goals for the 2017 year. Please look for the Chamber of Commerce 2016 Annual Report in your in-box in the coming weeks.

Though the list above represents a handful of the changes that will take place, there are additional projects that are currently in the “construction” phase. Keep an eye out for updates introducing these new programs and processes, all meant to increase the value and personalization of your chamber membership.

This year promises to be a progressive one for the Morgan Hill Chamber. I am honored and excited to play a part in the revitalization of this respected local business organization.

Brittney Sherman is the Member and Community Engagement Director for the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Reach her at (408) 779-9444 or at