Published in the Jan. 22, 2014 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Jeff Ruster

Jeff Ruster

Jeff Ruster

Five months ago, I discovered the best cheesesteak sandwiches in Morgan Hill. I found them at A-Jay’s Cheesesteaks, a small restaurant business in Morgan Hill near the intersection of Second Street and Monterey Road. Whenever I’m downtown, I stop and get a Californian cheese steak sandwich, which offers a choice of either steak or chicken served on a Hoagie-style roll with mayo, lettuce, tomato, bacon and avocado.

Cheesesteak sandwiches are not your typical sandwich. They’re a delicious meal that will fill you up. I have a big appetite and I can’t even finish one because these sandwiches are so satisfying. The taste of each sandwich depends on what kind of cheese the cook layers on it because the melted cheese will blend differently with the meat. A-Jay’s offers a cheese choice of Provolone, White American, and Cheez Whiz to its customers.

A-Jay’s is a family-run restaurant. When you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly cashier who will take your order. You look at the menu board above the cash register and discover a lot of different cheesesteak sandwich options. One of the more unusual menu items is “The Dodgers Suck” cheesesteak sandwich, which has hotlinks and bell peppers on it. Needless to say, the owners are San Francisco Giants fans. They have some pictures from the baseball team on the walls.

If you want to eat at A-Jay’s, you can sit inside at the two small tables and get to savor the aromas of what is cooking and get a glimpse of the cook preparing the sandwiches. Or you can sit outside at the sidewalk patio table and eat your sandwich while you take in the sights and sounds of the downtown scene.

If you like cheesesteak sandwiches or you’ve never tried one, I highly recommended you drop by A-Jay’s and enjoy the best cheesesteak in Morgan Hill.

Jeff Ruster is 14 years old and attends the eighth grade at St. Catherine School in Morgan Hill. He sings in the youth choir at St. Catherine Church and he is involved in the youth group Edge at the church.