Class hopes video will become tool for Chamber, other groups

Published in the April 16 – 29, 2014 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Staff Report

Photos by Marty Cheek The Morgan Hill Leadership Class of 2014 has developed its project. They will produce a video that depicts the ‘special attributes’ of the city.

Photos by Marty Cheek
The Morgan Hill Leadership Class of 2014 has developed its project. They will produce a video that depicts the ‘special attributes’ of the city.

The Morgan Hill Leadership class of 2014 loves Morgan Hill — and its members want to know why other people love the community, too. Its class project is the production of a community-service video “celebrating the richness of our community.”
The video will capture the “special attributes” of Morgan Hill that make it a fun place to live as a resident or visit as a traveler, said class member Edward Prichard.

It will also convey to viewers why the community provides benefits in building a business or shaping a career, as well as conveying the arts and entertainment opportunities for people to have fun.

“The video will accomplish this by capturing moments with Morgan Hill people of all ages and backgrounds from all walks of life,” he said. “Our crew will be visiting many locations to do informal, on-camera interviews.”

The class decided on a video project because Morgan Hill, with its small-town feel mixed with Silicon Valley sophistication, has much to offer its residents and visitors. These include its family-friendly ambiance, a storied California history, a rich cultural diversity, vibrant tourism, parks and open space areas, sports and recreation, agriculture, entertainment, successful businesses, nonprofits, and an engaged community, he said.

“We decided to create a video because as members of Leadership Morgan Hill’s class of 2014, we love Morgan Hill, we want to celebrate the special qualities of our city, and, like others, we want to see the city continue to grow and thrive,” Prichard said. “We are living in a fast-paced digital age, and videos are not only a compelling medium, but one of the best, most accessible ways to communicate easily with people everywhere.”


The video will be created to appeal to established residents and newcomers to Morgan Hill as well as local, regional and out-of-state visitors who come to Morgan Hill for business or pleasure. As far as the class members know, there has never been a video similar to the one in their project that celebrates Morgan Hill, Prichard said. The class members hope that it will be a useful tool for the Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations to promote the city.

“Our class has developed teams, each of which is focused on a different aspect of conceptualizing, fund-raising, filming, editing, promoting and distributing the video,” he said. “A formal showing will be planned for the fall at a local venue on a date and location yet to be determined.”

Volunteers who were involved in creating, sponsoring and producing the video will be invited, and the event will be open to the community. After the video’s debut, the class will distribute the video through local organizations and online social media.
For more information, email the class at [email protected]

Marty Cheek