With Street Dance returning to downtown, chairs could prove a hazard

Published in the June 10-23, 2015 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Staff Report

A chair from last year's parade on Peak Avenue.

A chair from last year’s parade on Peak Avenue.

About midnight July 3, after the dance is done, will be the best time to line your chairs up on the median of Monterey Road between First and Fourth streets to view the parade, according to Freedom Fest organizers.

One of the customs of parade watchers has been to line chairs up for a premium viewing position of the parade up to a week before the event. Due to the dance moving back to Monterey Road this year, the police and fire departments are asking the public to not place their chairs until after midnight because there will be people milling about on the streets and possibly injuries as a result, said Street Dance Chairman Dennis Dal Poggetto.

Please wait to place your chairs in your preferred viewing spot until after the Street Dance.

Robert Airoldi