Money goes to families with limited budgets; more than $6K raised in the past

Published in the March 28 – April 10, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Morgan Hill Life file photo
Water enthusiasts cool off at Morgan Hill’s popular Aquatics Center on a hot July day.

Morgan Hill’s Dennis Kennedy Aquatics Center opens for the 2018 summer season Saturday, May 26. To get ready for the fun in the sun and to make sure children can play in the pools in a safe way, Morgan Hill Life has teamed with the Morgan Hill Aquatic Foundation to raise at least $2,500 to pay for swimming lessons for families of limited budgets.

Individuals, organizations or businesses in the South Valley region who contribute at least $100 by May 1 to the foundation for swimming lessons will get as a bonus benefit their name or company name included in a “thank-you box” included with a story published in Morgan Hill Life planned for May.

The Aquatic Foundation is a 501c(3) so donations are tax deductible. The fundraising campaign is being done in memory of former Mayor Dennis Kennedy who played a significant role in building the Aquatics Center and who had a desire for all South Valley families to enjoy the pools.

“The Morgan Hill Aquatic Foundation is beginning the 2018 fund-raising season with a special partnership with the city of Morgan Hill to raise $2,500 for the foundation’s annual donation to the city to help pay for swimming lessons for children in need,” said Tim Thornton, a member of the board. “Morgan Hill Life newspaper has joined with the foundation to promote the donations by publishing the names of anyone donating $100 by May 1. Individuals or businesses wishing to donate larger amounts will also be featured in a special box in the paper following the fulfillment of our goals.”

The foundation has provided more than 85 learn-to-swim scholarships for low-income families. Its goal of supporting the aquatic programs and facilities of Morgan Hill has included donations throughout the years totaling more than $6,000 to the city for swimming lessons.

The foundation also provides support to the Aquatics Center such as the purchase, in a partnership with the city and the Morgan Hill/Santa Clara Swim Club, of a new state-of-the art scoreboard to allow regional swimming meets. This includes the Far Western and Junior Olympic Championships held at the center.


“These meets draw thousands of guests to our community for several days and provide many benefits for our local businesses like hotels, restaurants and many others through increased sales,” Thornton said.

The foundation is also seeking local people interested in promoting pool safety and the Aquatics Center’s maintenance to consider joining as board members. For information, email Tim Thornton at [email protected]

“The foundation’s ability to continue to operate is the result of the financial support provided by our many generous individual, business and corporate donors,” Thornton said. “We look forward to your continued support.”

Marty Cheek