Secretary of State also wore the T-shirt on his recent visit to Christopher High School

By Staff Report

For Secretary of State Alex Padilla, the visit to Christopher High School earlier this month was a special one. He wanted to tell the students that people across California and throughout the United States love them and love Gilroy. He wore a #GilroyStrong sweatshirt.

“I hope you noticed by shirt by now,” he told them. “I wore it today on purpose because I knew where I was coming. We’ve been working on this trip for a long time.”

The visit was arranged through Principal Jeremy Dirks’s friendship with Assemblymember Robert Rivas. Padilla told the assembly in the gym that as part of his office’s outreach, he was in San Diego on National Voter Registration Day, Oct. 2.

“I know you’re probably all Giants fans because you live in the Bay Area, but I was asked by the San Diego Padres to throw out the first pitch,” he said. “They put up signs around their stadium to encourage people to register to vote, the website, all that stuff. They asked me to wear the Padres jersey. And I said, ‘Ah… no thank you.’ I’m from L.A.. They were playing the Dodgers. I didn’t wear the Dodgers jersey either. I threw out the first pitch in San Diego. I was wearing this shirt. I wanted the whole world to know I support Gilroy.”