Photo courtesy Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce staff, board members and ambassadors joined Karen Taylor, a hypnotherapist, at a ribbon cutting Nov. 20.

According to her website, hypnotherapy for anxiety will help unlock the door to a fulfilling life, where you can manage anxiety yet stop struggling with your emotional hurts. You’ll develop tools to be kinder to yourself so that you no longer judge yourself negatively or constantly blame yourself. You can win the argument with anxiety by welcoming it as you slowly move forward into the life you desire.

She can also help you deal with stress, test-taking, weight, food addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, post- and pre-surgery, motivation, organization, sales success, self-esteem, fears, phobias, insomnia, creativity, writer’s block, personal development, sports success and life changes.

She can be reached at (707) 799-4300 or visit

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