Silicon Valley Index filled with data useed to make decisions that affect all of us.

By Cheri Brown

Cheri Brown

A world-renowned expert on the economy of Silicon Valley will speak at the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Economic Development and Government Relations meeting where business leaders and the community come together to discuss and learn about our local economy and the government’s response.

The April 11 meeting will be a unique opportunity to hear from Russell Hancock, president and chief executive officer of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, and president of the think tank Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies. Hancock is a world-renowned speaker, he regularly appears in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. He is also a frequent guest on NBC Nightly News.

Joint Venture of Silicon Valley publishes an annual report, the Silicon Valley Index. This report is filled with data that businesses and governments use to make decisions that affect all of us.

Russ Hancock

Edith Ramirez, assistant city manager, calls the index “a crucial and accessible analysis of the regional economy, helping us understand Morgan Hill’s role and contributions.”

Co-Chair of the chamber’s Economic Development and Government Relations Committee Larry Car said he is very excited to have Hancock speak.

“Russ is an internationally known speaker and expert on Silicon Valley . . .  as a community interested in building upon our successes, growing opportunities for all and being a significant part of Silicon Valley, we could not ask for a better speaker to join us,” Carr said.

Silicon Valley is in the middle of an adjustment, the tech industry is recalibrating, and we are still seeing significant growth in other areas, Ramirez said.

“This year’s Index revealed a troubling trend: 28 percent of Silicon Valley households struggle to afford basic necessities. Furthermore, 42 percent of children in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties live in non-self-sufficient households. The data also highlighted a concerning racial and ethnic disparity.”

The city of Morgan Hill staff are preparing a city-focused report that will be unveiled at the Economic Mobility Symposium in May.

Ramirez shared that similar to the Silicon Valley Index “our data shows that 50 percent of (Morgan Hill)residents experience housing cost burdens, and 28 percent rely on some form of financial assistance.”

Cheri Brown is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Reach her at [email protected].