Ron Bird

Ron Locarnini Bird, son of Susan Farris, was born Jan. 24, 1967 and raised in Morgan Hill, Calif. On June 18, 2020 he died unexpectedly from a heart attack. He leaves his daughter, Isabella Farris Bird, age 6. He was preceded in death by his loving grandparents, Dale and Phyllis Farris.

After attending Live Oak High School, he joined the U.S. Navy in 1985, spending four years at N.A.S. Glenview, Ill. Self-taught in his later jobs (landscaping, property management, design consultant) he left Santa Clara County for Monterey County in 2004 where he took a job at Whole Foods in Monterey. While working there for the next 15 years, he laid the foundation for his future career: eight years ago, he entered the realm of professional photography with weddings and portraits. He switched to Real Estate Photography because of his love for architecture and design. For Ron, the appeal was technical. The challenges of lighting, equipment, and editing are what pushed him to make a scene as perfect and realistic as possible. He proudly described himself as “one of the top two Real Estate Photographers on the Monterey Peninsula.”

Ron lived at the top of Laureles Grade, Carmel Valley, in a home he shared with his daughter. “Isabella is the love of my life! I’ve always lived with a guarded heart, but when Isabella was born, she changed my life and outlook,” he’d often say. The two enjoyed working puzzles, climbing trees in the park, and going to the beach.

Ron filled his free hours with cooking and home projects and strove to maintain a living environment where he felt grounded. Ron drove a Mini Cooper and loved the culture of the car and drivers. He loved exploring new places and taking day trips with his camera, documenting the world through his lens.

Comments from some of the many friends he leaves:

“His words were always genuine, kind, and uplifting. I will miss his upbeat messages and beautiful photos so much. May his spirit continue to shine and may we all be inspired to live with more love in our hearts as Ron did so beautifully.”

“From the moment I met him he was so kind and giving, always there to have a deep discussion with me about life, always checking in and there to lend an ear.”

“He shared with me how Isabella would see amazing things in the world and say, ‘Daddy I need to take a picture of this!’ She showed him the magic he was looking for, as children can only do.”

Memorials may be made to the family, payable to Susan Farris, Custodian for Isabella Farris Bird, and mailed to: Ron Bird, 26025 Ned Lane, Carmel Valley, CA 93924.
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